Atomic Cinnacide (0mg)

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Love the heat with the sweet? Look no further! This eliquid is just what you have been searching for. With a taste that hits your tongue like a "fireball" and a throat hit that burns just right, it's hard to pass on this flavor. 

the spectrum of eliquids doesn't have to be just fruit or dessert. Atomic Cinnacide is unique in that it still has a natural sweetness to it all the while giving you a spicy kick that is sure to have you wanting more. Don't believe us? Try a bottle of this eliquid and we'll make a spicy vaper out of you soon enough. While definitely not for the light-hearted, the nostalgia factor this ejuice delivers is unlike any other. You'd think you had just eaten the candy after taking one vape of this fiery concoction.

**Atomic Cinnacide is not suitable for use with sub-ohm vaping. This flavor was created in 2010 and the hardware during this time was nowhere near what it is today. It was originally designed for use in cartomizers and ego batteries that would average ~8-9 watts. We highly recommend vaping this flavor below 15 watts due to the levels of cinnamon present in this liquid.**




Popular Mix Ratios:  Given equipment standards, this flavor is best at at 20% VG mix


Recommended Steeping Time: No need to steep. Ready to go after mixing.


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