Geoff's Blend (0mg)

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A long standing best-seller at Tasty Vapor and the predecessor of Burmanii. The taste is that of chewing a stick of Juicy Fruit and Big Red gum. Full bodied flavor with a strong cinnamon kick.

Note: This product is not recommended to use in devices with wattage higher than 20W.

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Written by D-Man on 18th May 2016

My favorite vaping experience.

Geoff's Blend has been my primary vaping liquid for years now (before and after its return). Imagine Big Red gum & Juicy Fruit combined into one perfect flavor. The one and only reason for no 5 star is that this and Burmanii WILL destroy atomizers in roughly 2-3 days. If not for this fact, I would vape nothing else ever again. Geoff's Blend is what the air in heaven must taste like!