15ml Mix and Match Sample Pack

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With enjoying the act of vaping, the hardest part is finding flavors that work for you, and committing to a 30ml bottle of something your not sure about can be a little daunting.  But we hope this can be an affordable workaround for you.  We give you 15ml Sample Pack!  With 16 best selling flavors to choose from, a limited range of milligram and VG levels, you can pick 4 flavors to debut!  Or if you're just a fan of having a variety of flavors around, this is a win!  If you have any questions about the selections, feel free to give us a call at (888) 389-3229!  Enjoy!

Product Reviews

Written by TeeTee

Loved It!

The Mix was the bomb! As always I am a pleased customer. I got my usual flavor but I made some changes to the sweetness and vg%. Thank you Tasty Vapor for doing it again. I'm no longer in the Bay.... but I will always be your customer. Can't find a place like yours!

Written by Sam


The quick straw is super silky and hits the strawberry to milk ratio just right. Alien blood is hands down one of my favorites now with that kick of coconut on the exhale. Hula girl is perfect for any hot day and lemon pound cake hits the spot for some dessert vapin

Written by undefined

Great Gift

Bought a variety pack as a gift for someone who just got their first pen. Loved the range in flavors, the consistency of the mix, and quality that was shipped. Would buy as gift again.

Written by Rob

Worth it to try some new flavors...

In my sampler: Frosted Oatmeal Cookie, Watermelon Bubblegum, Strawberry Lemonade, Waffle. Frosted Oatmeal Cookie: I loved this one, tastes much like eating one of those packaged crunchy oatmeal cookies..I'll order this one again!! Watermelon Bubblegum: Flavor was really muted to the point it tasted bad. Might need to steep for a bit? Waffle: Flavor muted, I could smell "waffle" on exhale but not really while vaping. Maybe another to steep a bit. Strawberry Lemonade: Decent strawberry flavor is a lemony finish..a little tart for me. But not bad. All of these were done with sweetener and at 50% VG. Again, they may need some steeping to really bring the flavors out.

Written by Daniel


Loved the Alien blood tasted like a pink lemonade of some sort..I also enjoyed the energy drink smells like COLA tasted like good rootbeer soda..the Islam punch was good also really sweet .I didn't care for the watermelon bubble gum other wise I was happy. Thanks Daniel

Written by tony

Really Good

great service, the flavors are fantastic except for the pineapple, It is a little overpowering and leaves a tart aftertaste, but that's just me. The other flavors are an all day vape, so enjoyable. Will restock soon.

Written by Theresa

Hit and Miss, but mostly hit

I chose grape menthol, strawberry lemonade, pineapple orange banana, and alien blood. Grape menthol is awesome, different than most menthol pairings because when you vape it you taste both at the same time. Alien blood is a strong fruit punch with a coconut finish. I wish there was a little less coconut, but I still think it's great. The strawberry lemonade tastes like weak lemon and I'm thinking it probably needs to steep awhile and then it'll develop flavor and the same goes for the pineapple, orange, banana. That one tastes like absolutely nothing. I'm not worried about those two, I'm sure in less than a month they'll taste right.

Written by Leo

Tasty Vapor Goodness for the Indecisive and Adventurous

Tasty Vapor continues to deliver perhaps the best nicotine liquids available. Of this I have no doubt. However, I have yet to understand the complexities of my own palate, and this deal is a great way to expand your horizons without breaking the bank or fueling your fear of commitment. I grabbed two I knew I would love, one for which I had high hopes, and an oddity just for grins, and as it turns out that oddity (Quick Straw) has quickly become a favorite! All four are wonderful, I couldn't be happier, and in the future I can order full sizes without trepidation.

Written by Fixievixie


I ordered frosted oatmeal cookie, tin mint, waffles, and alien blood. Sample pack was definitely the way to go to figure out what you like and gauge sweetness, also a great value as well. 2 favorites out the gate, Frosted oatmeal cookie was perfect the way it came, sweet and very authentic in flavor. Alien blood I'll probably get again with half the sweetness . The shipping was crazy fast, packaged well, and even got 2 generous samples. I will be back for more.

Written by Zak

I prefer one flavor and no mixes

I recently bought a sample pack and while I really like them, I would have preferred single type flavors, since that is what shines on each one. Alien blood just tasted of pineapple, while strawberry lemon-aid just tasted of lemons. The pineapple, orange, banana tasted only like banana. Then my last pick was island punch and that tastes kind of weak and lemony as well. The one that tasted like banana was my favorite and I do not like bananas but it made a really great vape.

Written by Nick


I've been ordering the frosted oatmeal cookie from this company for a couple weeks now. I always have them surprise me with one of the flavors. The other flavors that they choose for area amazing. Its a great way to try some of their other flavors. And you really can't beat the price.