Burmanii (0mg)

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Flavor:  Burmanii, cinnamon, rum, banana and additional flavors.

In this spinoff of the popular "Geoff's Blend" recipe, you'll find notes of banana, rum, Indonesian cinnamon all mingle together at varying levels to provide one of the most unique experiences you can get with vaping. Unlike anything else on the market, Burmanii is sure to be a favorite for vapers who want an eliquid like no other. With a powerful cinnamon throat hit and smooth fruit/dessert finish, there's a reason why this flavor stands out as a Tasty Vapor classic. When we first made this flavor in 2012, we wanted an eliquid that made vapers question how far eliquid mixing could go. That's Burmanii. Often imitated, never duplicated.

Recommended Mix Ratios:  10% - 50% VG

WARNING:  This product is NOT recommended for high voltage use and sub-ohm equipment.  This product contains cinnamon oil which in vapor form, may cause or aggravate respiratory difficulties.  Should such a problem occur, discontinue use of this product immediately and consult your physician.

Recommended Steeping Time:  2 Days

Product Reviews

Written by Aalihte

how can anyone not love " Geoff's Blend"?

I miss getting my flavors from T, i'm hoping one of the local vape shops will start carrying it for me..I CRAVE the cinnamon, custardy like goodness of the old Geoff's blend and hope it hasn't changed much. I really would love to know what all is in it in case it ever goes bye bye. I'm lucky that it never killed any of my attys but i used the older rigs from Volcano or the plastic tank set up by joytech. I'm looking forward to how it vapes in something fancier..can't wait.

Written by undefined

Best Flavor Ever!!!

This is by far my favorite liquid of all time. Since the fall of Geoff's Blend (Burmanii's predecessor) it has been the only liquid I vape. While I have tried literally over 200 liquids now, nothing even comes close to Burmanii. The only reason I cannot give it 5 stars is because it tears up atomizers faster than any other liquid. I literally go through an atomizer every 1-2 days when using Burmanii, but it's still worth it!! If you have never tried Burmanii, do yourself a huge favor and TRY IT!! If you like it, the most cost effective way to get it is to buy a 36mg/30ml nicotine version (I usually do 20-30%PG with extra sweetener) and the 120ml doubler (again, 20-30%PG with extra sweetener), then mix them together well. Enjoy!!