Butter Rum (0mg)

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Flavor:  Butter Rum (Premium), butter rum, candy, confection, drink.

A long time favorite of Tasty Vapor customers dating back to 2010, this was intended to modeled after a hot buttered rum, the cocktail. But many have equated it to what they think a "butter beer" might taste like.  Others have stated it tastes like a Werthers candy.  We welcome you to offer your equivalent.  Either way, if you're keen on butter rum, this is sure to be a favorite.  The unmistakable flavor of butter rum, complemented by creamy notes and other additional flavors.  Everything comes together to make what is a rich and decadent flavor.  If you don't love it already, you will!

Popular Mix Ratios:  This recipe does well with a wide range of VG/PG ratios!  Order away!
Recommended Steeping Time:  3 Days

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