Dulce De Leche (0mg)

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Flavor:  Dulce De Leche, Milk, Caramel, Confectionery

Dulce De Leche is the result of taking sweetened milk, and reducing it on low heat to the point that you have the result, a rich, creamy, gooey, milk caramel that is used in all kinds of desserts or eaten decadently by the spoonful!  With us, you get to save the calories!  And with this particular mix, you can enjoy it without the nicotine as well.  Such a pleasant vaping experience.  Enjoy.

Popular Mix Ratios:  10%VG - 70% VG

Recommended Steeping Time:  5 Days

Product Reviews

Written by stuart wiggen

my go-to flavor

Dulce is my main flavor. always. i rotate flavors but always come back to Dulce. a medium sweetness, creamy goodness.

Written by undefined

Good taste

별생각 없이 카팝시키면서 같이 시켰는데 의외로 좋네요 . 입맛에 딱 좋아요..

Written by Holly

Love it!

This has been my favorite flavor for over a year! I ordered it from two other places and the stopped making it. I'm so glad I found it here. It is delicious!!! Thank you for having Dulce de Leche!!!

Written by SVC

Thick and Rich

I had this made extra sweet with no rum and it is delicious. Thick and rich like a chewy caramel candy. Great juice. Thanks for customizing this to my taste.

Written by Matan

Tasty Vapor!

The best flavor I've ever had! It's light, sweet, and oh-so tasty!

Written by Robb

Best Vape... EVER

This has been my daily vape for a year or two now... absolutely FANTASTIC flavor. Subtle, sweet, and creamy. Pretty much no odor (nice for public places) and very, very tasty, but not at all overpowering.

Written by michael

great flavor

i have been buying from tasty vapor for over a year now and have not been disappointed yet ....always happy