German Chocolate Cake (0mg)

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Flavor:  German Chocolate Cake, chocolate cake, caramel, dessert, bakery

A long time favorite of Tasty Vapor customers dating back to 2010 and one of the recipes that set us in forward motion in the vaping industry.  The unmistakable flavor of decadent chocolate cake, paired with a rich frosting of caramel, pecans and coconut.  This would be an excellent flavor to pair with a cup of your favorite coffee for sure!  Vape all you want, we'll make more!  Cheers.

Popular Mix Ratios:  10%-50% VG
Recommended Steeping Time:  5 Days


Product Reviews

Written by Ben

Really Sweet

This liquid has a very sweet and real taste to it and is one of the most satisfying liquids on this site. It taste exactly like cake and is so sweet and delicious i kept ordering more and more def one of my top 5. Id recommend this if you like a sweet liquid.

Written by Diane


This is the best German chocolate cake juice I have ever vaped. So good if you like sweet juices.

Written by Doane Boyd

So Scrumptious!

Tasty Vapor has the best juices. Carmel Popcorn use to be my favorite but now it is the German chocolate cake. So smooth and sweet. You can taste everyone of the flavors. The mix team really know what they are doing when it comes to making ejuice. Best juice around.