Waffles (0mg)

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Flavor:  Waffles, buttery, maple syrup, breakfast

This has got to be one of the best guilt-free liquids there is.  Let's start with the fact that we've replicated that delicious taste of a giant stack of delicious waffles, slathered with copious amounts of butter and topped with a healthy portion of maple syrup.  All of that without the calories.  And with this recipe, you get all that without nicotine as well.  Vape all you want, enjoy it all you want, we'll be happy to make more when you're ready!

Popular Mix Ratios:  10%VG - 70% VG

Recommended Steeping Time:  2 Days


Product Reviews

Written by Belle

Warm, Sweet Waffles

I ordered this with caramel, butter and extra sweetener and let me tell you, it is awesome.

Written by undefined

Awesome Vapes

Wished it had more maple flavor,but as usual,a great cape.Look forward to my new vapes coming tomorrow. You All rock❤Fast shipping and an excellent choice.Love the sweetener in mine❤

Written by Martin the Waffler

Round 2

This time, ordered it with Pecans and Vanilla Custard. It's a very good flavor. But when it malts, the nutty flavor sort of crowds out the waffle flavor, and all you can taste is brown sugar and nuts, which... still, by any stretch, is also a VERY good juice. TV never fails to impress.