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Prop 56 - California Excise Tax

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Tasty Vapor is one of the most experienced and best manufacturers of e-liquid in the United States. We take pride in being active on the advocacy side. We continually rally to protect your rights and your access to these harm reducing products. We strive to be transparent in keeping you privy to any activity that may impact your access to these lifesaving products.

As many of you aware, last year California was pushing to pass Proposition 56 that would allow imposing an excise tax on traditional tobacco products which now include an excise tax on vaping products.

As of November 11/8/2016, and despite our statewide tireless efforts, Proposition 56 passed.

So what does this mean to you as a California resident?

As of July 1st 2017 all vapor related businesses, including Tasty Vapor, will be required to assess a 68.05% excise tax on all liquids containing nicotine for all California residents purchasing within California. 0 mg liquids, equipment and accessories are exempt. This tax will not affect customers outside of California. As a result of this new law, Tasty Vapor will have to increase prices by 68.05% on nicotine liquids to reflect this excise tax.

These taxes could have potential negative impact on our industry as approximately 1/3 of the eliquid companies in the United States operate in California. As always, we invite you, our California customers, to become active with our industry’s advocacy efforts.

Don’t allow California government to systematically kill our California-based vapor businesses! Become involved. Protect your rights! Here are a few sources to stay informed, support all our efforts financially and fight for our right to vape:

Not Blowing Smoke

Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives

American Vaping Association

Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns and issues related to this new law via email mixteam@tastyvapor.us or phone 888-389-3229.

Thank you for your continued support, your patronage and your friendship.


Geoffrey Braithwaite
Tasty Vapor

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