Coconut Cream Pie Vape Juice? It's a Winner!

Just a quick tidbit of information here. All of our pie recipes were created back when ALL devices were low wattage/voltage and cartomizers were what you filled with liquid to vape. Things have changed since then, and so that we can be accommoda…

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The Fine Flavor of Tobacco in a Premium Vape Juice

Geoff: Back when I started vaping, I think I was just abundantly grateful to get the hell away from cigarettes. I was using tobacco flavored liquids. And that’s just it, it was a flavoring. It was interesting for sure, but nothing authentic…

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Pina Colada - Don't Drink it, Vape It!

Our Pina Colada Vape Juice recipes is easily one of the first Tasty Vapor concocted in our earliest beginnings. And it remains one of our better selling liquid recipes. It’s just that good!Pina Colada has been the official beverage of Puerto R…

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