Atomic Cinnacide Retirement

Tasty Vapor has always been a company concerned with maintaining its presence and longevity in the eliquid industry. We are not only an eliquid manufacturer but hold advocacy positions in related trade organizations. Being present at this level, we have the capacity to stay aware of potential health concerns that may arise as the result of using certain products.

atomic cinnacide retirement

This industry is still incredibly young, still unregulated. But lack of regulation can be a breeding ground for people to do a lot of things wrong and inspire the immediate need for regulation. We have always tried to maintain a higher level of responsibility and self-regulation as best as we can.

As more information becomes available, improvements and adjustments need to be made. Recently we became aware of the potential health concerns that may arise from the abundant use of cinnamon. While a good number of our recipes only rely on cinnamon to accent the flavor, there is one in particular that relies on the heavy use of cinnamon, our number one seller Atomic Cinnacide.

In maintaining a higher level of responsibility and after much talks, we at Tasty Vapor are in mutual agreement that this recipe should be retired. This decision did not come easy and we sincerely hope you understand the necessity for this to happen.

This saddens us as this was one of the first and most popular flavors that Tasty Vapor offered. A flavor that a great deal of customers started vaping with and were able to successfully switch from analog cigarettes.

For those who may be inconvenienced by this decision, we are deeply sorry, but hope you understand our decision and that this won’t deter you from enjoying the many other delicious recipes that Tasty Vapor has to offer.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Tasty Vapor Mix Team