California Raises Vaping Age To 21

A great number of changes have happened in the past few days that a lot of you are likely aware of.We’re getting a lot of questions, we’re giving a lot of answers.The best advice that we have for you is…


Panicking expends a huge amount of energy and it accomplishes nothing at all.As a consumer, you DO have power and can have an effect on how this all goes.The absolute best advice we have for you as a consumer is to register on and become proactive in fighting for the impact that you wish to have in this industry.

The fact is, that in the United States it has never been part of our history that civil rights have been casually handed out. However, special treatment has always been given to those with large enough wallets. With everybody else, rights have been fought for, and on some occasions at the cost of lives.In a way, that’s the case here. There is still a vast number of people that could possibly develop illness and death associated with smoking tobacco products that might have had a chance of turning that around with vaping products, were they not led down a path of deceit by those organizations that are cited to protect public health and safety.

A lot of people are vested in the idea that if the FDA disapproves of something, it has to be bad, right? Let’s no longer encourage people to have this sheepish view of appointed government organizations. Let’s also discourage people from taking the sheepish approach to advocacy.

Petitions sure give you a sense of purpose adding your signature to someone else’s idea, but in the end, it does not have the same effect or impact as calling or visiting your local congressman and stating your concerns face-to-face. Be well informed on those concerns so that you can supply them with whatever information they need to make educated decisions and pass on the right information.

Once again, the biggest enemy that faces this industry, is the inaction of people that could very well have a massive impact on this industry should they happen on the right person, that knows the right person, that talks to more people, etc., etc.

Again, register on and learn how you, as a consumer, can have some genuine and direct impact on this industry.

On the industry end of things. As a manufacturer, we face a much broader fight.It’s a harder fight too.The laws that will be applied to electronic cigarettes and eliquids were derived from already existing laws and regulations that were written for tobacco companies. Sadly, the date these tobacco regulations were put into effect are also being applied to electronic cigarettes.

While the FDA swears that the regulations they are imposing in no way bans these electronic products and liquids… Well, this is true, they are not directly banning products. However, they are setting the bar just high enough that only just a select few companies will have the finances and the resources to comply with the new regulations and in the allotted time. Tobacco companies.

The best fights we can push for as companies is fight to get the grandfather date pushed forward. This will give a larger number of companies a fighting chance to remain in business. We also need to fight to get the laws changed, so that laws that govern tobacco are not the same that govern electronic cigarettes and liquids. These devices and liquids need their own separate laws and regulations. Companies that are not already members should very well consider signing up with the trade organization leading this fight, that is

As for California, there are some separate issues. Yes, the smoking (and vaping) age will change from 18 to 21 effective 6/9/16.There may be some additional restrictions, however, our information is limited. You will know what we know, when we know.

Let us assure you. Tasty Vapor has no intention of going belly up.Nor do we have any intention of keeping you in the dark or pretending like nothing is going on. Tasty Vapor was one of the first liquid manufacturers in this industry. We are leaders in this industry and we are strongly involved in the advocacy and longevity of our own vested interests as well as the interests of this industry and our consumers.

We’re going to keep the boxing gloves on and we hope you’ll join us!

Geoff Braithwaite
Tasty Vapor