Try a Warm, Soothing Chai Milk Tea Vape Juice

Holy hell this one is delicious. There are some pretty good Chai Tea flavors out there, even a couple of good single flavor renditions. And then there is Tasty Vapor.

This is one more case where a single flavor has served as an adequate base, but thought it needed definite improvement enough to be called a Tasty Vapor flavor.  And so we went to work on this one.  And it's unique and different.  And what we've accomplished is a rich, spicy flavor that is everything you would expect from pulling up a hot cup of chai.

But what makes our Chai Milk Tea Eliquid different? Like our tobacco, we use a maceration that we make from quality black tea!  How else can you get an honest tea flavor except from the leaves themselves!  So, while a particular flavoring is used and inspired the recipe, it turns out that the black tea maceration is the star flavor behind this, then built out with dairy and spice notes to really bring out the flavor in this premium recipe. This is a very rich and robust flavor and we’re sure you’ll agree. Give it a try today!!!