Coconut Cream Pie Vape Juice? It's a Winner!

Just a quick tidbit of information here. All of our pie recipes were created back when ALL devices were low wattage/voltage and cartomizers were what you filled with liquid to vape. Things have changed since then, and so that we can be accommodating to people who now use higher wattage devices, all of the pie recipes have been reformulated so that the flavors translate well in high VG mediums. And it’s still the great pie taste at lower wattage.

When you pull into your favorite diner, get that perfect burger, fries and shake down, what better to finish things off than with a fat slice of coconut cream pie?  You know what you're getting into when that pie plate hits your table and that's really the experience we're trying to capture here.  At the first bite, that coconut-laden custard hits you, then the buttery, bready notes of the crust, the whipped cream topping and is that the finishing touch of almonds on top?  Could be, who knows.  

But there you go.  Tast Vapor's coconut cream pie vape juice.  A rich coconut and a creamy custard, topped with whipped cream and a rich buttery pie crust all come together in this long time favorite recipe of so many Tasty Vapor customers. Come see what they’ve been talking about!  Look for it in the Pie selection!