Do You Sell A Djarum Black E Liquid?

Well, there doesn’t seem to be a true djarum black e liquid if you roll things back to taste buds and that our sense of tastes differs from one another. When I forumulated our Kretek e juice, it was with the specific intention of mimicking a clove cigarette as much as we could without actually lighting one up.

And it’s not just a matter of sticking clove oil in the liquid base and calling it a day, but really and truly understanding what subtle flavors exist in a clove cigarette. And what we’ve formulated, some have approximated to vaping a Djarum Black. But we welcome you to try it for yourself and feel free to let us know. We call it Kretek. And it’s just one of the many tasty flavors that we offer here at Tasty Vapor.  Sure, you can go buy a "clove vape juice", OR you can pick up our kretek e juice (eliquid, vaping liquid, whatever).

Give it a try!