Douglas Price, Tasty Vaper of The Day

This is Doug, and This is His Story

I am 43 years old and was a pack a day smoker for about 20 years. Quite often, my wife and I discussed cutting back although to be honest I never really wanted to quit. When our neighbor, who was a heavy smoker, was diagnosed with liver cancer and died within the next month, we knew it was time to take action. My wife started researching electronic cigarettes and was the first to invest in a system and give it a try. She bought me my first e-cig as a gift.

Douglas Price

The Switch

For the first two weeks using the e-cigs, I still smoked because I had convinced myself that the cigarettes were more satisfying. The turning point was when I finally admitted to myself that after vaping I wasn't craving a cigarette, vaping actually tasted better and I loved that I didn't stink like smoke. I had simply put up my own mental hurdle as an excuse to keep smoking. I knew I had to actually give it a solid try if it was going to work.

For My Daughter

So, two weeks after my first e-cig, I handed my half-empty pack to a homeless man digging through a public ashtray and haven't had a cigarette since. It's been almost two years. I feel better, I sleep better and my skin is clearer than it's ever been. Giving up cigarettes also made my daughter incredibly happy, I still remember the look on her face when I told her...

I started out using the highest nicotine content (24%) and am now down to 8%. I've found that the flavors I like are simple fruits like  watermelonhoneydew or quince mixed with Peppermint Mouth Mosh by Tasty Vapor. The staff at Tasty Vapor have been instrumental in my move from cigarettes to vaping. They are always friendly, knowledgeable and willing to take the time to help you learn and understand what you're buying. They also make the best e-liquids in the world. Hands Down.

P.S.A. For Vapers

The stigma of vaping doesn't bother me, most people fear what they don't know or can't understand. The one thing that troubles me are the people who vape when and where they shouldn't. Just because there's no threat of second hand smoke doesn't give vapers the right to invade other people's air space. People who vape indoors, on public transit, etc. are inconsiderate and rude and are giving the rest of us a bad name.

A Real Recommendation

I recommend vaping to anyone who wants to quit or cut back. It's the only cessation tool that allows you to keep the parts about smoking that you enjoy while cutting out the parts that are slowly killing you and are harmful to others. 

Douglas Price