eLiquid: How to Find your Vaping Sweet Spot

Nice! You discovered vaping eCigs.

So you started out thinking that Vaping is simple.

Then you learned about Mods, Tanks, Cartos, Coils, Wattage, Voltage, VG, PG, Milligrams, and eLiquid.

Not so simple anymore.

In the search for the right products, you get bombarded with marketing from various competing brands. Sometimes, this causes you to draw the wrong conclusions and make the wrong purchase. If you are lucky, you will continue to do the research, and find the perfect mod, tanks, and eLiquid to make the switch a pleasant experience. Once you find the right mod and tank, you are almost there.

vaping sweet spot

Reach eJuice Enlightenment

So once you have your perfect setup, it is time to find the perfect eJuice. With so many options, it can be tough to find the perfect combination of taste, flavor, throat kick, and vapor thickness.Most people find their sweet spot with a little bit of trial and error from a middle-ground starting point. You don’t want to start with too much nicotine, but you also don’t want to sabotage your experience with too little. Most people find a good starting point with 18mg Nicotine, and a 50/50 ratio of VG/PG. Some people go up in the level of Nicotine, while others may move down, and try to reduce it to 0%.

What Can Affect Your Sweet Spot

It is important to remember that your setup will make a huge impact on the experience. For example, you would be able to vape a higher Nicotine level in a tank than a dripper system. The VG % would also need to change because VG is thicker, and it may not flow very well through smaller channels, and it can also clog up the atomizer heads. If you ever have a question on what to do, we can help you choose the right levels of Nicotine and VG/PG ratios to suit your needs, just ask us. No strings attached.So what else should you be aware of once you buy your eliquid.

The beauty of multiple flavors.

Sometimes you might buy your favorite flavor of ejuice, vape on it for a few hours, and it just doesn’t taste the same as it did at the start. Here is the thing to note--remember that your sense of taste and smell get accustomed to the same old tune playing repeatedly. Flavors will tend to lose their 'punch'.If you keep vaping on the same flavor over and over for an entire day, you might not enjoy it as much. This is similar to smelling coffee beans, or putting on some good cologne/perfume; after a while, you just don’t smell it as much anymore, and it doesn’t smell just as good. This is why people eat ginger with sushi to recharge the taste buds. The trick is to switch between sweet juice, sour juice, and toss a tobacco-based flavor into the mix. This will keep your taste buds wondering about what you will procure next.

What we recommend

We would advise you to invest into a few different tanks, so that switching between eJuice flavors is simple. Also, keep your taste buds wondering what flavor you will bring to the table next. With Tasty Vapor, you can mix and match premium customized flavors, Nicotine levels, and customized levels of VG/PG for the right tank. Since the juice can taste different with various mods, tanks, wattage, voltage, and many other factors, you can use this awesome app called Sweet Spot to keep track of your eJuice sweet spots when you find them for your different vaping needs.

Leave a comment below, and let us know how you found your eLiquid sweet spot, and if you like this easy to use eLiquid App.