Frosted Oatmeal Cookie Vape Juice Rated #1

Historically, it seems almost each of our Tasty Vapor employees have come up with one flavor that has been worth perfecting, launching and has done phenomenally in terms of customer response. Such is the case with Frosted Oatmeal Cookie! And we’ve been unmatched in ours. It is exactly what the flavor implies.

We love it when we get in dabble mode here at the lab.  Occasionally we'll be mixing random things around, adding a bit here and there.  Sometimes we're going for a particular flavor and nail it!  On other occasions, it turns out almost tasting or smelling like something else and with a few final touches nailing something else entirely.  That's been the case with a number of our best loved flavors.

Our Frosted Oatmeal cookie vape juice recipe boasts a lovely oatmeal cookie flavor, with that unmistakable notes of frosting. An eliquid flavor Mother would be proud to sign off on!   Hell, we've even had a couple of companies willing to buy the recipe from us.  We declined of course, but it's definitely testament to the fact that we're doing things right.  And we're happy to keep this a Tasty Vapor exclusive. We’re proud as hell to offer and we know you’ll love it if you’ve not tried it already!