Heard About Mahalo Oahu e-Liquid Yet?

Geoff: Mahalo Oahu eliquid was a tributary recipe that I created after coming back from my first trip to Hawaii (Oahu). It was at a very stressful time for me at Tasty Vapor and my trip, the people, the smells, the nature really got me centered and back to feeling peaceful and my life manageable. So, I made a liquid the reminded me of the tastes and smells that I encountered there.

I guess when people think of a tropical flavor, they automatically migrate to the thought of pina colada. While there are some coconut notes to this recipe, this is definitely on the more fruity and almost floral end of things. It’s a very pleasant vape, very fruity and not overpowering. I hope it reminds you of a trip to the islands and if you’ve never been, we hope this flavor will take you there for a moment. Enjoy.