How Do I Store My eLiquid For a Longer Time

Taking care of your eliquid is an easy step you can take to make it last longer and taste best.

Here is an inside track from a professional laboratory based mix team on storing your eliquids.

Where Should you Store It

The question we get asked a lot here at Tasty Vapor is where to store e-liquid. The simple answer is that you should try to store it in a cool dark place out of reach of children at all times.

If you have the ingredients to mix your own custom eliquids, then you should know that the base liquids(VG/PG), without any flavor, will last for up to two years in a cool dry place. However, after the flavor has been introduced, the eliquid will not last as long as the base liquids. This is nothing to worry about for most vapers because if you have Tasty eliquids with you, they will rarely last longer than a week. So, even though you’ll most likely vape it before it can go bad, you should ensure that anything you currently use is kept out of direct light and heat. This step will keep the ejuice as fresh as possible for your enjoyment.

storing nicotine liquid

The benefit of Propylene Glycol

Since e-liquid is affected by light and heat, it is essential to store eliquid that you don’t plan to vape soon in a cool dark place like the refrigerator. If the eliquid you have is mainly made from propylene glycol, then it will last longer than others. This longer lasting property is due to the fact that PG is naturally a bacteria killer and a virus killer. You can learn more about this here. This means that PG liquids are not affected by viruses and bacteria, and the eliquid will not suffer from degradation.

What about Vegetable Glycerin

On the other hand, it is a different scenario with the other components of eliquid called vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is a constituent of some e-liquids, and it is used to produce thicker vapor clouds. If you like thick clouds, chances are that you vape vegetable glycerin.

Although it lasts long, VG liquids should be stored more carefully than PG for the long term. The fact is that it is more prone to degradation by microorganisms when it is stored for a long period of time. Although we rarely see this happen with professionally mixed ejuice, you will know that it has gone bad when the flavor becomes fuzzy and tarnished. Just note that this will only happen if you do not store the e liquid properly. Also keep in mind that even the nicotine can suffer from degradation due to exposure to light and heat, so whether you have PG or VG eliquids, you should always store them properly.

How to increase the life of ejuice

If you don’t plan to use a supply of e-juice for a long time, you can store a large quantity in a deep freezer. This allows the life of these items to increase a lot. If you want your e liquids to last for ages, and you initially received it in a plastic bottle for immediate consumption, then you should transfer it into a glass bottle. Although most eliquids are sold to be vaped in the near future, glass storage bottles are preferred to keep the eliquid in good condition for longer than 2 years. Try to avoid storing e-liquids in plastic bottles. We recommend for you to get the freshest e-juice available from a custom mix lab . This way you know that the e-juice is fresh, and mixed exactly how you like it.