How to Learn Fun Vape Tricks

We all love eCigs and get immense pleasure from the vaping experience. Whether you're a newcomer or vape aficionado, the simplicity of loading an e-Liquid into your tank and watching the vapor rise is enthralling on a lazy Sunday. Have you ever thought about making that vapor look like something though?

Why not take it to the next level? There are vape masters all over social media who can pull of a wide range of awesome tricks. It takes time to pull off some of the tricks that can get you YouTube notoriety, so crawl before you walk! Learn the basics here, and we'll go from there.


Disclaimer: The vape tricks you're about to see are performed by self-trained professionals after substantial preparation. Before you do these in public, please DO try this at home! We will not be liable for the embarrassment of random puff balls that don't resemble your intentions.

Blow the O

This is a pretty standard trick, but in case you don't know how to do it, here's a brief tutorial: Take a big puff of your eCig. When you have a mouthful of vapor, lay your tongue flat, and position it towards the back of your mouth, you won't be needing it here. Position your lips as if you're about to say “ooh”, then slowly let the smoke out! You're on your way.

To control how fast the Os come out and how long they last, push your jaw out and up a little bit as the smoke exits your mouth. Play around in the mirror to master it. You can also add some “backspin” by slowly pushing your tongue to the front of your mouth, behind your teeth as the smoke exits. Push the middle of your tongue up and watch the Os take majestic shape!

Double O

You've learned how to do one O, now take your best shot at the Chicago Bulls logo with the Double O Trick! Take a healthy pull of your eCig, then put your index finger in the middle of your lips as if you're making the “SHH!” gesture. Keep your tongue flat and in the back like The Big O trick. Keep your mouth just barely open, then slowly puff out. This one will take some time to master.

Make a Vapor Bubble

What you'll need: eCig, toilet paper roll (with no tissue!), a container of soap and water.

Make a mix of water and soap. Put one side of the toilet paper roll into the water, and let a layer get on the bottom (like a bubble wand). Take a decent toke of your ecig, then puff into the toilet paper roll. What should commence is a wondrous, lathery bubble of e-Liquid vapor, soap and water. Pop it and watch the spherical vapors!

The Waterfall

Here's another simple, prop-guided trick: Blow slowly into a bottle partially containing frozen water, then pour the vapor out as if you were trying to empty it of liquid. Observe the awesome waterfall effect!

Hopefully, you were able to learn all these cool tricks. Get them down pat and stay tuned as we'll be showing you the more advanced tricks that can be done!