La Che Milo, Tasty Vaper of The Day

This is LaChe, and This is Her Story

I quit smoking for about 10 years after I got pregnant. I was worried about the health of my kids, and it was making me sick, so I stopped. I was nursing, working out, taking care of my body, and worried about my kids’ health. I started smoking again because I was going through a divorce. But, once the stress of the divorce was gone…I couldn’t stop. I would lay in bed at night and think “ok, tomorrow, tomorrow I’m going to quit” but then the next day, I would forget about it, and go buy a pack of cigarettes. It’s one of the things I regret the most in life.


Constant Battle

I feel like subconsciously it was a form of self-punishment. I thought, I’m just going to smoke, I’m going to hurt myself, with cigarettes. Five to ten times a day, and all night, I would berate myself for smoking. The next day I would battle myself “I’m not going to buy a pack, I’m not going to… wait can I bum one? Maybe I’ll just buy a single, ok fine, I’ll buy a whole pack” and then the cycle would start all over again. It was a lot of work! I would go to bed with headaches, wake up with headaches and a tightness in my chest, I would feel like I was coming down from something, it was almost like a hangover.

The Kids Are Alright

The second time around I smoked for 9 years, about 5-10 cigarettes a day. Even though that may seem like a little amount for some people, it really hurt. I was not able to breathe! I tried to hide it from my kids, but I didn’t realize they could smell it. Even though I’d wash my hands etc. they would always say something, and throw my packs away. They didn’t like that I’d picked up smoking again. I tried Nicorette, I tried the patch, and they didn’t work. When a friend gave me her kit, that was it for me. I had picked up vaping, and my kids were stoked, they never said anything bad about it.

I started vaping January 2014. At first, I gradually reduced the amount that I smoked. I started noticing the positive side effects like the good taste in my mouth, not having to brush my teeth, being able to breathe, etc. After about a month, I had totally stopped smoking. I really allowed myself to be kind to myself, not beat myself up if I had to smoke, vaping helped me with the process.

Bye Bye Shame

I wasn’t really a closet smoker, but I didn’t like to smoke in public. Now I don’t feel the shame associated with smoking, and I can be more social with it because it’s just vapor. I can do it while I’m inside, I don’t have to go outside in the cold, in the rain, I vape all the time! I don’t feel crappy the next day, and the rituals of smoking that I enjoy have just transferred over to vaping, but without the persistent guilt and shame, the constant battle is over.

Yeah, Oxygen is Nice

I used to run and workout a lot. After I started vaping, I noticed I could really breathe. I could run 3 miles, I could row 3 times a week; the biggest thing for me was being able to walk up stairs without the shortness of breath. It was really a big deal for me. Yeah, oxygen is nice. Now I smell better, my mouth tastes better. I don’t always have to have gum or brush my teeth. I can taste food better, and I feel like I’m getting less nicotine. I get enough to curb that craving, but I’m not getting all the chemicals that come with smoking. Some people think I’m vaping more than I smoked, but I’m not. I can just take a puff or two and put it down, it’s not the same as taking a whole 5 minutes, smoking a whole cigarette.

Friendly Faces

I only go to Tasty Vapor because I like the people there. They’re friendly and knowledgeable, and they offer free classes! I like the whole experience. When I go in, they always know their liquids, milligrams; they’re very helpful and friendly, and the customer service is amazing. It’s an open and really welcoming place. I like to vape the Mai Tai, Honeydew and Caramel Popcorn. I get my e-liquids unsweetened because I don’t like things too sweet. I really do love vaping, and I always try to pass on my experience, how I gradually transferred my smoking habit into vaping, just about really being aware and kind to myself. And I always send people to Tasty Vapor. 

-LaChe Milo