Martin Samuel, Tasty Vaper of The Day

This is Martin, and This is His Story

More Than a Habit

I was in pretty rough shape in early 2009. I smoked 3.5 packs a day, and it was killing my health, but my nicotine requirements were such that I couldn't bring myself to stop. I was having breathing problems. My doctor told me that I was at high risk of COPD. It was so bad that it was even costing me work.

It's not like I hadn't tried quitting. The patch, the gum; I even tried Chantix, which drove me out of my mind. The real problem that I had, at the end of the day, was that I just liked smoking too much. I sincerely enjoyed the habit. I could tell you about the subtle ways to enjoy a cigarette; after 20 years of smoking, it had become part of my ritual, what I did every day, and giving it up entirely left a huge hole in my psyche.



A friend at work tried an e-cigarette, and it really did sound like the best of all worlds. I noticed his results after a couple weeks. He started referring to traditional cigarettes as "primitive fire sticks," and said his breathing and sense of smell had cleared up. I found myself fascinated by the subject of vaping, so I learned everything there was to know about e-cigarettes. Geoff was extremely helpful for me during this era. I hounded him for weeks with the most absurd questions. He patiently answered all of them, and gave me some great advice.

By the time December rolled around, I had decided that I was going to take the plunge on the first of January. I purchased my first 510 rig and a suite of juices from Tasty Vapor. Then, I set my last carton of cigarettes on fire in my backyard, and called it a Viking funeral. In a lot of ways, I felt like it was the end of an era. I was excited to start something new, but at the same time, I was sad to see the old habit go.

A New Era

I'm proud to report that I haven't had a "primitive fire stick" since January 2010, and I've never felt better. I'm no longer at high risk of COPD or lung cancer, and my overall quality of life has improved dramatically. TV juices have been a big part of that for me. I've bought juices elsewhere, but nothing quite encapsulates the experience of vaping for me the way their flavors just sort of melt on the tongue as you exhale.

The big question I get from people is when I'm going to stop vaping. But I don't really see why I would want to. With traditional smoking, you want to quit because of the downsides. The health problems. The smell. How terrible you feel in the morning when you get out of bed. There are no such downsides with e-cigarettes. So for me... there's no reason to stop vaping.

An Activist

I've shared some variation of this story hundreds of times now. Vaping really worked for me, and I want everyone who smokes to at least try it.Over the last five years or so, I've been spreading the good word about vaping whenever I can. Giving away free rigs, used mods, and starter kits to anyone I run into who might be thinking about making the change. To hand someone a fresh starter kit and a bottle of Gummy Bears or Tastyfinger… there's no doubt you're helping someone get started on the right foot.

Thank you for making the best juices on the planet, and for being awesome when I need to interact with you guys. Your customer service is second to none. Tasty Vapor is a class act. What you guys do is so important. This is the business of saving lives. And it's been an absolute pleasure to share it with people.

God bless.