A Warm Welcome to Our World of Tasty Vapor Flavor

A Warm Welcome to Our World of Tasty Vapor Flavor

Here at Tasty Vapor, we leave your taste buds no room for refuge and are wiping the bleak flavor of dated web design off your palette. Vaporizing isn’t just a trend, it is a high tech, nicotine alternative that is helping smokers make the decision to transition away from traditional tobacco cigarettes. We are a company utilizing customization by providing the highest quality e-liquids for vaporizing and make it a goal to stay on point with the latest responsive web design technologies.

Our team is composed of certified e-liquid mixologists. We offer kick in the mouth flavors ranging from scrumptious baked goods like Frosted Oatmeal Cookie to out of this world tastes, such as Alien Blood. We push towards on the brink of breakthrough technology offering our customers a new way of life, just as responsive web design and mobile shopping is changing the world of web.

Serving Our Customers Needs

At Tasty Vapor, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer affordable high quality products, not just on our shelves but also on the web. Responsive web design is how one lays out and codes a website to provide the viewer with an optimal experience across all devices. We aim to create ease in navigation and readability while automatically scaling and panning the site for our users. By combining the three platforms to one responsive, scalable design, we offer our customers an optimized experience while extending the companies reach for new interactions.

In February 2014, for the first time ever, mobile internet usage surpassed PC internet usage. According to Online Publishers Association/Frank N. Magid Associates, 63.1 percent of mobile device have access to the web, with a colossal 15 percent of those users making purchases through their mobile devices.

By updating our website to a method of responsive web design, we wish to enhance your navigation experience. Tasty Vapor views this as an opportunity to make the mobile experience as quick, painless, and flawless as possible, all the while keeping our business flowing smoothly.

We are living in an age with constant connection to the latest technologies around us through mobile phones, tablets and PC’s. We live in the portable age, where in New York, one can order dinner, dog food, and diapers all set to arrive within the hour. Our team at Tasty Vapor understands the importance of a responsive site to our customers. Not only do we stay on point with the current rise in popularity of customized e-liquids, we aim to lead the competition with eCommerce and responsive design, connecting you with the products we love.