Create the Perfect Vape Juice For Your Taste

Are you tired of the same old, off-the-shelf vape juice flavors? Here at Tasty Vapor, we let your creative juices flow by letting you create custom vape juice flavors.

Everyone has unique tastes, and we get that. That’s why we allow your inner gourmet and “mad scientist” to play in our laboratory. Not literally, but if you want us to mix raspberry with vanilla, citrus, and tobacco flavors, we’ll do it for you. Hey, who knows? You might discover the next viral vape juice.

You can choose from hundreds of flavor combinations, VG and PG ratios, nicotine, and sweetness levels. Just talk to us about your recipe, and we will do our best to match it.

You know what you like and what you don’t when it comes to vaping flavor and throat hit. Tasty Vapor allows you complete control over your vaping pleasure.

We mix your vape juice in our FDA approved facility in Oakland, California. No foreign stuff here. All of our ingredients are top quality, and each batch is hand-crafted. Every drop of your personalized, custom e-liquid is a premium blend. After all, aren’t you worth it?