Personalize Your Vape With Custom e-Liquids

These sensory taste receptors populate your tongue, mouth, and throat. When chemicals from food and drinks dissolve into your saliva, your taste buds let your brain know what they’re tasting and feeling. Pretty awesome, right? Without these receptors, vaping wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.

At Tasty Vapor we give you many options to explore to see what fancies your flavor palate. Maybe you winter is around the corner and want to vape a spiced apple cider! Maybe revisit a diner classic slice of Banana Cream Pie! Don't forget the Frosted Oatmeal Cookies for the midnight snack.

Now of course, if there's a flavor you like but maybe it's a tad to sweet or not sweet enough? We can customize that for you and adjust the sweetener level, as well as the nicotine and PG/VG level. No more having to settle with "what's available" .What will you next creation be?