Preserving Your Vape Gear The Right Way

We can all agree vaping is an enjoyable experience. No matter the taste or content of your eliquid, your tank gives you just what you need. Treat your tank as good as it treats you! Former cigarette and cigar smokers probably never considered preservation beyond simply keeping their materials in a safe place, but eCig tanks require a more sophisticated process. They're sensitive instruments that work in a precise manner, and it's important to keep them properly maintained.


From the way you clean your tank, to the environment you leave it in, there are several factors that help determine just how rewarding your vape experience can be. Picking the right eliquid is up to you, but there's a couple universal ways to ensure your tank keeps its optimal function.

Stop the flood!

Have you ever been in the situation where you are enjoying a nice vape session, when suddenly the warm taste of your vapors turns into the odd taste of your eliquid on your tongue? You wanted to inhale it, not ingest it! Worry not, it's what the Vape community calls “flooding”, which can happen with improper tank maintenance. Besides leaving an unenviable taste in your mouth, it's a benign problem that can be easily prevented by keeping your tank clean.

Before doing any of the following remove your tank from your battery !

Every 48 hours or so, unscrew the base of the tank and remove the plastic tube that covers the atomizer.From there dip a cloth, paper towel, or Q-tip in rubbing alcohol, and clean the head and ecig base. Firmly swab the inside of the head and clearomizer to ensure you get out all the excess eliquid residue. Rinse with clean water, then let it dry before re-screwing.

A longer, more thorough cleaning consists of filling your clearomizer with alcohol, letting it sit for about 20 minutes, then vigorously shaking the residue loose. Play it with a song and make your tank an unlikely maraca! After you're done shaking the clearomizer clean, dump the liquid, rinse the clearomizer, and let it dry overnight.

With either process, be sure to re-screw the tank firmly, but not so tight that vapor production is inhibited.

Feed the charge

Along with cleaning your tank, you'll also want to make sure your battery and chargers stay clean. No matter how clean your tank is, if the battery isn't working you won't be able to charge it!

Every couple days, separate the clearomizer from the eCig battery and clean the battery with an alcohol dipped swab. You'll notice this section of your battery collects residue from your eliquid. Wipe it thoroughly, then dry before re-attaching the battery to your tank.

Along with cleaning your battery consistently, make the following a regular practice:

  1. Ensure optimal battery life by ensuring you completely empty the battery before recharging
  2. Don’t leave the battery on a charger all night
  3. Turn your eCig off when not in use, or when charging your tank
  4. Keep your battery away from all liquid!

Most batteries have a shelf life of six months before they can't maintain a charge. Ensure your eCig battery lives a full life by heeding the aforementioned tips!