Will Nicotine Freeze? We Answer This And More

Answer: We assume that given the current political goings on, one may want to bulk up and freeze their supply for long-time use. We understand why someone might want to pursue this path but let’s get you more information.

Nicotine solutions purchased by Tasty Vapor are pure nicotine diluted in PG. PG will not freeze. In turn, sources tell us that VG will also not freeze. However, sources tell us that VG will not only not freeze, merely become a lot more viscous because of the reduction in temperature.

So, you won’t be able to freeze your liquids, but for the sake of long term storage, we see no reason why freezing your liquids should be a problem. Also for your consideration, moisture may ruin the labels, so you may need to find another way to label your products so that you know what’s being kept in long-term storage. Perhaps put your bottles in a zip lock back and be sure all the air is squeezed out.

So in summary, will nicotine freeze? No, but putting your liquids in the freezer for long-term storage isn’t a bad idea.