What is Rainbow Sherbet Vape Juice?

It is said that sherbet, along with ice cream, was made from chilled wines and other juices in the era of Alexander the great It was not called ice cream centuries ago, but "water ices". Marco Polo brought flavors of water ices to Europe from theFar East. , Catherine de Medici crowned queen of France in 1533, brought with her recipes of Italian sherbet. A combination of ice and salt became the most popular use in making the dessert in the 17th century. Frozen desserts found their way to America by the 18th century.

Rainbow Sherbet was invented by Emanuel Goren while working at Sealtest Dairies,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during the early 1950s. He is credited by them in conceptualizing the three nozzle design to fill the containers simultaneously with 3 flavors, thus creating the "Rainbow" effect of the confection.

With This classic we Knew that we had to put this in a bottle and share with the world. Explosive flavor without the calories and the brain freeze! Spoon not included.

Taking you back to your childhood once again. A burst of citrus and berry flavor with every puff! This recipe is rich in flavor when you inhale it and when you exhale. The flavor lingers on the palette in a refreshing and delightful way.