Stephen Haydon, Tasty Vaper of The Day

This is Stephen, and This is His Story


I started smoking when I was in high school, and it was definitely a peer pressure thing. I made a new group of friends and they were all smoking, so I pushed myself to smoke. After about a month, I just kind of kept going with it, and it got out of hand really quick. Before I knew it, I was smoking a pack of Marlboro reds every day. It was all bad.

4 Years of Gross

After about 4 years, I wanted to stop smelling like cigarettes, and I wanted to get away from the unhealthy lifestyle. People were looking at me like I was gross, I smelled gross, and I wanted to try something different.

A Little Help From My Friends

I met a group of people who were vaping all the time and at first I was just really interested, I thought it was really cool. Then they told me it wasn’t like smoking, it was ¼ of the price, and it still had nicotine and everything… I was immediately sold. They told me about Tasty Vapor, and introduced me to Geoff, who answered all of my questions and told me to come on down to his shop.

Atomic For Life

I went in to Tasty Vapor, got a really good deal and after that I was hooked. A couple months in I found the flavor for me, and since then I haven’t switched. Atomic Cinnacide is my favorite. It’s the most intense one, and it hits just like a cigarette would, so you still get that feeling. The flavor is so consistent every single time, you know when you go in you’re always going to get that same exact flavor, that’s why I only go to Tasty Vapor.