Steven Scatina, Tasty Vaper of The Day

This is Steven, and This is His Story

I was a pack and half a day smoker for almost 15 years. I couldn’t work out, all of my clothes had holes, and I smelled like a walking ashtray, it was gross. I also had really bad acne, and was basically dying from smoking; I couldn’t breathe and it was killing me.

steven scatina

The Choice

I started vaping August 18th, 2011 and have not touched a single tobacco product since. I kept track of the date because it was a big day. I wanted to be able to breathe, and I really wanted to get away from Tobacco, so I came to Tasty Vapor. I got to play around with customizing my own, and it was great, I found stuff that was satisfying my nicotine craving, but not harmful to my lungs. I started at 24mg and stayed there for about a year and a half, then I went down to 18mg, I’m down to 4.5mg nicotine now.

The Transformation

I was at a doctor’s appointment once and I remember he tested my blood oxygen levels. I had just smoked a cigarette and I was like 2 points away from needing oxygen. I went back about a year later, after vaping, and they tested my breathing and everything; and I was totally normal, it was like I had never smoked.

Since I started vaping, I started working out and amateur powerlifting, I lost 100 pounds, and I can breathe! I don’t smell like cigarettes anymore, and I usually get people complimenting me because I smell great, I’ve been vaping all day.

Smoke Together, Switch Together

All of my friends started dropping cigarettes and vaping, it’s ridiculous, everybody I know vapes now, and they all used to smoke. I only buy from Tasty Vapor because I trust the liquids here, I know they’re made in a clean environment and delicious. I trust that I’m getting a good deal and quality liquid. I order Doublers™, and the way I order, it comes out to about $6 an ounce.

The Alternative that Actually Worked

Vaping was the only way I ever got off cigarettes which were killing me, I love it. I enjoy nicotine like most people enjoy coffee, but I haven’t had the adverse effects of smoking since I switched over, so I’m in it for the long haul, I hope they don’t take it away.

-Steven Scatina, Berkeley CA