Tasty Vapor: Final Closure Date is Confirmed.

Hey all, this is Geoff. I just wanted to take a moment and give you all an update as to the goings on here at Tasty Vapor. I was hoping I receive more information before writing this letter, and I have. Earlier in the year, we were operating with the understanding that we would be closing our business as of May 1st. What we didn’t anticipate is that the FDA would be petitioning Federal Courts for an extension behalf of the vaping industry.

This extension passed and many of you had stocked up already in anticipation of our closure, which while appreciated, put us in an embarrassing situation of informing customers that we’d been allowed to stay open a few additional months. Part of me felt like I had raised a red flag unnecessarily, but the truth is that I had no way of knowing the FDA would ever act as it did. It never had in the past. They and many other organizations, as most of you are aware, have all been feverishly determined to watch this industry disappear.

The extension granted would have given us until the middle of September to maintain operations, but with the Shelter-In-Place active, we remain able to fill online orders only as we are deemed a non-essential business. A twist has happened though. The powers that be in the City of Oakland have since used the shelter in place as an opportunity to push through legislation, knowing full well the lockdown would minimize any opposition. Legislation that would ban the sale of all flavored tobacco products has gone through unanimously. Since that push, we have received the “official letter” notifying us that we will not be able to sell past Monday, August 10th of this year. This would impact our business enough in a way that we would no longer be able to operate.

So, we now have enough information to notify our customers of the final close date of Tasty Vapor. At 11:59 p.m. on the evening of Sunday, August 9th, the site will go non-operational. No internet sales or phone sales will be permitted beyond that time. We will fulfill the orders that were placed and then begin the task of tearing down our facility, clearing out, cleaning up and turning our keys in.

It’s tragic and unfortunate, the circumstances that finds us closing, but the truth is every single one of our staff members get to walk away knowing the impact that we’ve had on individuals, like myself, who had felt doomed to a life of smoking and substandard cessation products. We’ve done well by our fellow human beings. We get to take that with us.

We don’t anticipate any further developments that would impact operations up until that time, but we will certainly keep you posted in the event something does come up.

Thank every single one of you for letting us be part of your experience and you being part of ours. We are of course available at (888) 389-3229 to answer any questions you may have.

Again, thank you so much. Be well. Stay safe and thank you again for letting us be part of your decisions to improve the quality of your lives.

Best wishes to all of you