How The Best Eliquids Arrived At Tasty Vapor With Tikis


Sandy beaches, blue skies, amazing waters, palm trees on the shores, beautiful volcanoes, and unimaginable sunsets are some of the things that come to mind when you think of Hawaii.

The Soul

A beautiful natural environment is not the only thing to enjoy in this paradise on earth. This group of islands is also home to people with a rich, and diverse culture, which is completely connected to their natural surroundings. The culture’s respect and integrity for nature reflect the beauty that has been maintained throughout human habitation of the islands. Hawaii is known for the dramatic scenery, beautiful landscapes, purity, respect for life, and a cultural connection to nature. It was a recent trip to Hawaii that made an everlasting impact on the Tasty Vapor brand and retail location.


The Brand

Tasty Vapor connects the essence of the Polynesian culture, and the natural beauty of Hawaii to the retail location in Oakland, California. The Tasty Vapor Brand represents goodwill, honesty, and integrity in using the highest quality ingredients for all the products made by Tasty Vapor. The beauty of the Tiki culture and Polynesian belief is all based on experience, and Tasty Vapor has brought a high quality vaping experience to people across the USA, and around the world, since 2009.

The Inspiration

In an interview Geoffrey Braithwaite, owner of Tasty Vapor, says “I've always been inspired and have had a sense of peace with Polynesian culture and their interactions and respect with nature. My recent and frequent trips to Oahu fortified this. IT was the nature; the cultural imagery. Our store to date had a drab warehouse look to it and I desperately wanted that to change. One day, it just occurred to me to turn the place into something that brings peace and comfort that I would want to be in and spend time in and the light in my head went on. My staff, and our customers, have all been in awe of the new aesthetic appeal of the Tasty Vapor lobby”.

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The Tiki Experience

Now people can walk into the Tasty Vapor retail location in Oakland, California and enjoy a peaceful and comfortable Tiki style Vape shop. You can walk up to the counter, and tell us what type of eLiquid you want. We write down your recipe preferences, and produce eJuice for you; exactly how you ordered it. This happens in a matter of minutes. All Tasty Vapor customers love the experience of an instant customized eLiquid delivery, exactly how they order it. The best part is you know that it is just mixed especially for you.

When you get a custom mixed eJuice from Tasty Vapor, you can feel the pride in consistency, originality, and quality. You choose the flavor, nicotine milligram levels, sweetener, and PG/VG ratios. Then, we mix your order in an OSHA regulated clean-lab right on location. Our flavorings, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are certified USP grade, and we exclusively use pharmaceutical grade nicotine. So we take all the measures to use the purest ingredients to make the Tiki gods proud.