​Tasty Vapor: The Farewell Tour

Yeah, we’re trying to be as lighthearted as we can about this. But we thought to take a moment and keep you updated with the goings on here at Tasty Vapor. We’re less than 60 days away from shutting down and we want to keep you apprised.

First, we’re happy that a good number of you got our last email and were able to get your points used up. That feature has now been deactivated and points will no longer be able to be used.

There have been several people placing large orders now in what we imagine to be people stocking up on our liquid before we shut our doors. We were trying to urge people to hold off as we intended on arranging SOME sort of deal for those wishing to buy large quantities of liquids.

There HAVE been several people asking for prices on gallons. We’re avoiding that route. First, it taxes the flavorings for single order and may make fulfilling other orders a bit difficult. Secondly, large containers, like gallons is a bad idea because of storage. We don’t load things up with preservatives like a lot of other liquid outfits do, so the shelf life is shorter. You don’t need to be letting a lot of air in a large container and letting is spoil. Better to place a bigger order of smaller bottles, like 120 ml bottles and just open what you need. Keep the others airtight.

So, if you're stocking up, and we certainly understand your reasons, we’ll cut you a deal if you want to place larger than normal orders. From now until we shut Tasty Vapor down on April 30th a few seconds before midnight, you can order 4  NICOTINE liquids, of any size and we’ll only charge you for three.  So three nicotine liquids and the fourth (of equal or lesser value) is free of charge.  This deal will be good until we close our doors.

We are abundantly grateful to all of you for letting us be of service to your needs for the past 10 years. It has been an honor. We will of course keep you informed by email should any other benefits come up we think you might be interested in.

Happy Vaping

All Of Us At Tasty Vapor