The Benefits of Vaping Custom Mixed E-Juice

Have you tried custom mixed e-juice?

Have you had the pleasure to vape on flavors mixed specifically for you, and based on your specified preferences?

Any moment is a great time to test the thrill of having e-juice mixed just the way you like it.


Although E-juice does not have a short shelf-life, it can certainly make a difference when you vape on fresh e-juice. You wouldn’t want to vape on liquids that have been sitting around for months before they reach you, so having juice that gets mixed to order will always taste better than the e-juice from overseas. When you get custom mixed e-liquid, you can be assured that it was created on the day that your ordered it, and exactly how you ordered it to be made.Many customers tell us that fresher liquids having better vapor, clean flavor, stronger nicotine delivery, and better performance overall. This is why USA-made custom-mixed e-liquids are such a big deal, and why we are so strict about keeping ours made to perfection.

custom mixed ejuice

More control Over the Process

With custom e-juices, you will always know who mixed your juice, what country it was mixed in, and what was actually used to create your e juice. You choose flavors, nicotine milligram levels, sweetener, and PG/VG ratios. With Tasty Vapor, we mix your order in an OSHA regulated clean-lab. Our flavorings, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are certified USP grade, and we exclusively use pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

More Familiarity with Customers

While many electronic cigarette companies have no problem outsourcing the manufacturing of their goods, including liquids, we are firm believers in manufacturing our liquids ourselves. This enables us to have a full view of what’s going on during the production, and enables us to be certain that the quality is at the highest level. We also get to know our customer’s preferences when they regularly come into the shop and talk to our staff about their peeves, their taste preferences, and their overall vaping needs. Custom mixed e-liquids provide more control over the process, and more quality to the relationships.

More Control of the Results

When you vape on Propylene Glycol(PG-based) e-liquid, you may notice that it has a fairly thin consistency, this kind of e-liquid is runnier than the higher density, and this causes less gunk gunk to build up on the heating element of your vape. This gunk can build up a little faster when a thicker vegetable glycerin liquid is used. This is where custom mixed juice can be a lifesaver. Since each Vape is different, you may notice that the same type of juice can have a different effect on various vapes.

You can control the rate of build up by custom mixing the juice t fit the exact standards of the vape you are using. If you notice that the rate of buildup on the heating element is too fast, you can request your favorite flavor to be mixed with a higher percentage of PG.

Control the Throat Hit

Also, PG produces a stronger throat hit, and creates the sensation of tobacco cigarettes in your throat. The tingling sensation in the throat with mostly be caused by PG, so if this is what you like then you can fully balance the throat hit exactly like you like it. This is one of the best things about custom made e-juices.

Control the Thickness of Clouds

Although you will get less of a throat hit when using Vegetable Glycerin(VG) e-juice. VG e-liquids produce significantly more vapor. So if you like to blow huge clouds of vapor at vape meets, then a high percentage of VG will be exactly what you want.

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