Tony Nguyen, Tasty Vaper of The Day

This is Tony, and This is His Story

Peer Pressure 

Growing up everyone smoked cigarettes around me, my dad smoked, I felt like I needed to fit in. They think smoking makes you seem manly, like a badass. The way I thought about it, everyone’s smoking, why don’t I smoke? And before I knew it, I was a smoker, and people looked at me differently, my family, my friends. Then it was too late,  I was addicted, I was buying cartons. 

My friends and I were also big hookah smokers, then my friend got a vape and told me it’s basically like an electronic cigarette. I thought “wow this is so much better!” you know, it’s cleaner, it doesn’t leave a stain on your fingers or your clothes, it doesn’t smell bad. And after vaping for, I’d say, a month I’d completely quit smoking, not even a fiend for it, I’m all into vaping now, it’s so much better for you.

tony nguyen

Healthy Change

I’ve been vaping about two years, it’s made a big change in my life.  Health-wise I feel a lot better because I know I’m not puffing all this tar that you get in cigarettes, or staining my teeth. I started at 6mg, and it’s just perfect for me, I never thought of going down or up. I get all kinds of flavors, I’ve tried them all, I mainly stick to the Tropical, Fruity ones, mostly Mango, or Green Apple. Sometimes I’m walking down the street and I vape and people are walking by and they’re like “wow, what is that, it smells so good”, it’s not like cigarette smoke, it’s just vapor, and it’s clean, it’s not bad. 

I actually tried a cigarette the other day, a bunch of my coworkers were smoking… ugh! Even though I was a smoker before, I just can’t go back. Once you start vaping, you just can’t go back, you’re so used to how clean vapes are. You know, you don’t usually see a biker gang whipping out their vapes, but now, everyone’s vaping, it’s not crazy, just something new. It's a cleaner alternative,you know, and it’s much healthier.

On Tasty Vapor

You guys have always been really good to me, showing me the ways of vaping. I’ve been to other vapes shops, but it’s just not the same, I always recommend Tasty Vapor. Super friendly people, a really good environment, it’s comfortable, you can breathe and feel open. The staff is full of really good people, and that’s number one for any company to succeed.

-Tony Nguyen, Oakland, CA