Vape Battery Safety

In the past few months, vaping has been facing an increased firestorm because of safety concerns. These concerns aren’t focused on the potential health risks, but rather on a few cases of lithium batteries that have blown up or caught fire. We can understand the concern that grows out of such incidents, as vaping does involve having a vaporizer close to one’s face. However, the vast majority of these incidents occurred because the user did not follow the standard vaping practices to keep this recreational pastime safe.

battery safety

Use the Right Battery

You should only use quality batteries to power your vaping device. If you are using a battery of lower quality, there is a higher risk of the battery becoming a safety hazard.

Stacking batteries – which is using smaller batteries to take the place of the proper-sized battery, is another practice that puts you at a higher risk for device failure. It is better to use the right size to ensure that your device works properly, and to keep you safe.

Charge Your Batteries the Right Way

In this recent FEMA article, US Fire Administration highlights a study addressing vaping and the risk of fire. The report states e-cigarettes are more likely to explode during the charging process, particularly if they are charging from a non-approved power source. A charging bay made specifically for lithium batteries is the only charger you should use for a lithium-powered vaping device. According to the same article, overcharging will make lithium batteries unstable, so make sure you are not allowing the battery to charge for prolonged periods of time, such as overnight.

Avoid Short Circuits

Short circuits can occur when batteries come in close contact with other metal objects such as keys and coins. Avoid carrying the battery in your pocket or purse (when not in a mod) because having loose metal objects touch both terminals at once will cause the battery to short. Putting the battery back into the mod at this point is highly dangerous and likely the cause of many of the battery accidents that are causing vaping to be pinned as a dangerous activity.

Follow Ohm’s Law

An Ohm’s law calculator allows you figure out how many amps of current your vape coil requires. Once you’ve calculated the number of amps, many vape experts suggest choosing a battery at least five amps higher than what your coil uses. Using the correct amps of current will ensure your battery will last a long time. It will also avoid putting too much strain on your battery, which can potentially compromise its safety mechanisms.

The Danger Is In the Batteries, Not Vaping

A National Institute of Health report lists second-degree burns from battery explosion as one of the potential injuries caused by vaping. However, they claim the problem is with lithium batteries in general, not vape batteries in particular. This means you run similar risks every time you use your lithium-powered cell phone. If you use your lithium batteries for any purpose outside of vaping, use the same precautions and battery care mentioned above.