Vapor Industry Gets A Four Month Extension

Because of difficulties filing PMTA applications due to pandemic-related restrictions, the FDA had requested from Federal Court judges to extend the PMTA application deadline by 120 days. That request has been granted. The article can be found here:

So, the big question is, how will this affect Tasty Vapor? Under normal circumstances we’d simply be open an additional 4 months, but because of pandemic restrictions, we like many other businesses have been put in unique situation and have had to make a good number of considerations.  Presently, we are filling online orders ONLY until social distancing restrictions have been lifted and we are able to resume normal operations.  We are abundantly grateful to the Health Department in recognizing our facility as a low-risk business enough to fill online orders, although we are still a non-essential business and our lobby must remain closed to the public while those restrictions are in place.

As a liquid manufacturer, we do have the means necessary to continue meeting the liquid needs of our customers. We told you that we would honor the buy 3 get 1 free sale until we close our doors. As this extension is only for an additional 4 months, we don't see any reason to not continue honoring that sale, as we realize it is not just our business that will be impacted by the deadline, but the entire vaping industry. We know people will want to continue stocking up. We’re happy to help.

For those who have already stocked up, please, keep your unopened liquids just that, unopened, refrigerate them and don’t pop the cap until you are ready to use the products. This will insure the longevity of your product which when UNOPENED, should last about a year.

Now, electronics presents a different problem. Because restrictions have been placed on all trade inbound from China, most electronic orders from all distributors are back ordered. Once restrictions have been lifted and shipments are allowed to enter the country, we don’t know how fast these stocks will be depleted again. It’s a juggling act for sure, but we will be gathering information and will let you know, what we know, when we know. Currently we have a dangerously low stock of electronics as in mods, coils, batteries, etc. Again, there’s a lot more information we need to gather to determine what, if any electronics will be available in the near future from Tasty Vapor until we're shut down permanently.

Now, our physical store. We were under the impression that we would be closing permanently on May 1st. As such, we had begun dismantling our shop as we were sure no customer would ever be able to set foot in our doors again. Because of the extension, we might be able to open up again, but only after pandemic restrictions have been lifted and no special circumstances would prevent regular business from resuming. But, the Tasty Vapor aesthetic is gone, sampling stations dismantled. We’re down to the bare bones essentials of providing a service without the aesthetics. Sorry.

So again, we will keep you posted on any new information we come into. We appreciate you showing up for us and we hope the next four months we are able to continue to show up for you. Until restrictions are lifted, we will continue with online sales only. Stay home, minimize your exposure to others, stay safe and sane.

-Tasty Vapor Mix Team-