Watermelon Bubblegum Vape Juice

Watermelon bubblegum vape juice is a Tasty Vapor Classic! Why chew for only 10 mins of flavor when you can vape it all day! Our Watermelon bubblegum vape juice comes in with waves of watermelon clashing with some oh so yum bubblegum!

Get yours today available with or without nicotine!

So, why specifically a watermelon bubblegum vape juice? I think it was suggested somewhere back in 2010 from a customer that wanted us to mix one for them. With all the unique flavors we already had at the time, we put it out there to our customers to come up with new challenges in flavors to create. And we didn’t disappoint!

Of course watermelon bubblegum doesn’t sound like a massive challenge, but we did it anyway, put it on the menu, and to our surprise, it was a HIT! So, perhaps there is beauty in simplicity sometimes. We still give ourselves room to complicate things, but don’t mind bowing to simplicity when it works out well for us.