What is CASAA, and Reasons To Love Them

Have you been surfing your favorite e-Cig and saw “CASAA” in someone's signature or profile name? If you're wondering just what CASAA is, no, it's not a new social networking platform or a hip real estate site, it's The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association. According to their official site, CASAA is a nonprofit “advocacy group to raise awareness and protect our right to access reduced harm alternatives”. 40,000 members strong as of February 2015, their mission is to promote and maintain viable reduced harms alternatives to smoking such as eCigs.


They've ran several campaigns throughout the United States to keep municipalities and states from banning reduced harm alternatives. If you're an eCig smoker in Seattle, Hawaii, Tennessee, Illinois, or Alameda, or California you, in part, have the CASAA to thank for their initiatives to protect the sanctity of tobacco alternatives such as eCigs.

Through a collective stream of e-mails, phone calls and more, they've influenced or defeated legislation that threatened to ban eCigs and other reduced harm resources. Their campaigns have been so effective they made State Rep. Constance Howard of Illinois state “I just wish there was something like these around when my mother died”.


Founded in 2009 on a message forum, the CASAA is based in Alabama, and surveys the country for any proposed legislation to eliminate reduced harm alternatives such as e-Cigarettes. If you're thinking it's some corporate interest group disguised as consumer advocates, just know that the group limits the reduced harm industry participation to 33% of the membership.

They were created to counteract the anti-Tobacco Harm Reduction group. The consideration of smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes as “less harmful” than tobacco is a controversial subject. People stand firm on both sides of the debate, but the CASAA firmly believes that e-Cigs are a decent alternative to Tobacco.

Worldwide Movement

In preservation of their beliefs, they have appointed 366 representatives from 45 states and the District of Columbia to be the groups' watchdogs. Not only is the group well represented domestically, there are four other countries with representatives.

The CASAA frequently works with other harm reduction organizations throughout the US and North America to extol the benefits of tobacco alternatives. CASAA has a website, and a team of writers who create pro-harm reduction articles, containing the latest scientific evidence in support of their opinions. Their primary areas of engagement are indoor use bans, sales bans and ensuring e-cigarettes don't face the same taxes as tobacco.

Getting Involved

From their main board at http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/casaa to their presence on numerous social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more, they're a burgeoning movement and a force for tobacco alternatives.

In the month of May 2015 alone, the group has been involved in 10 initiatives to halt or reverse ordinances banning or limiting eCig use throughout the country.

If you're an eCig user that wants to show gratitude by donating or even get involved, power up your tank, have some pulls and pore through the CASAA site. CASAA is a genuine grass-roots organization that relies on member involvement, so it is vital to contact their members and work together.