What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

The topic of sub-ohm use in vaping causes contention and controversy among vape users. The practice can be dangerous, but vapers who have a pro stance on the sub-ohm procedure believe the intake increase is worth the extra care necessary to avoid an accident.

sub-ohm vaping

How Does Sub-Ohming Work?

E-cigarettes are electrical devices that are battery powered, and sub-ohm users are employing Ohm's and Joules electricity laws. Crammed into a nutshell this means a non-variable voltage source --the battery in a mechanical mod --increases the overall power wattage output when you decrease the resistance ohms of your coils.

  • It is absolutely crucial that sub-ohm vaping is done safely!
  • As resistance decreases, the amps your device needs increases. The battery is strained and causes increased heat from battery and coils; because it is a direct line with no circuitry slowing it down.
  • You must never exceed the amperage limit of your battery or you can suffer possible fire or explosion.

Why Sub-Ohm

Vapers who enjoy using sub-ohm tanks are enthusiastic about increased cloud and taste derived.

Cloud Chasing

The sub-ohm atomizer uses a bigger wick and coil and higher battery power, causing more vapor with each puff and huge clouds seen at cloud chasing competitions. There is more heat, but each specific heat point will be receiving the same amount, so your juice won't burn. The vapor is produced because of a bigger surface area.

  • Aspire Triton Tank - The Triton is the newest tank in Aspire’s legacy of producing true cloud chasing tanks.


Due to the extra heat, sub-ohming creates warmer vapor. Those who prefer cool vape won't be fans.


More vapor means more flavor. This the most popular reason that people start sub-ohming.

Safety Guidelines for Sub-Ohming

1. Always keep your mod clean, including all vent holes, threads, contacts, and switch. Check your spring loaded switches often for stiffness so you can replace it before a failure occurs. You will also want to be sure that you use your mod's locking mechanism when it is not in use.

2. Have a well vented mod. Vents allow heat to escape from normal use but also gasses can vent in case of battery failure. You can’t have too many or too large vents. Never use an unvented mod for sub-ohm vaping.