Why Choose Tasty Vapor E-liquid?

We're now living in a market with an endless sea of companies that have "learned" how to make eliquid.  But this doesn't mean they do the job well.  We've been sent countless samples of other manufacturers liquid that want us to feature their stuff in our Oakland store, and we've just been unimpressed.  Always seemed to be a chemical taste/smell, the flavor was horrible...  At the risk of sounding arrogant, all these liquids served as affirmation of what we do and how we do it and 10 years later, we're still on TOP of our game here!

Tasty Vapor kicked off as the direct result of and the solution to the horribly unimpressive liquids that were being dumped on the US market from overseas in early 2009.  We knew our way around flavorings and wanted to offer a large cache of flavors that were unique, imaginative and absolutely true to their label. German Chocolate Cake TASTES like German chocolate cake.  You get our meaning.  10 years later, while we may be unable to develop new flavors because of FDA regulation, this decade has afforded us a VAST menu.  We're confident we have something that will most certainly appeal to people just migrating away from cigarettes and tried and true favorites for those customers who know what to expect from us many years later.