Atomic Cinnacide

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Flavor:  Atomic Cinnacide, cinnamon, jawbreaker, confectionery

A Tasty Vapor original and one that put us on the map back in 2011!  Just like the "Fireball" candy, it packs one hell of a cinnamon punch.  This highly popular recipe is only available in lower VG levels and is only recommended on low wattage devices.  Cheers!  If you have any questions about this product, please give us a call at (888) 389-3229.

Popular Mix Ratios:  10%VG - 40% VG

Recommended Steeping Time:  1 Days

**Atomic Cinnacide is not suitable for use with sub-ohm vaping. This flavor was created in 2010 and the hardware during this time was nowhere near what it is today. It was originally designed for use in cartomizers and ego batteries that would average ~8-9 watts. We highly recommend vaping this flavor below 15 watts due to the levels of cinnamon present in this liquid.**




Product Reviews

Written by Angel

Atomic Cinnacide

Love this juice! Like others I used to vape this all the time and was very sad to see it go. I searched high and low for another cinnamon and never did find one that was good enough to replace this. Now that it's back, please, please, please don't ever take it away again and if you must then give us some warning so I can stock up! Thanks so much!!!

Written by Scott M Murphy

Atomic Cinnacide

Been vaping A.C. over 6 years. *mic drop*

Written by Julie

HOLY MOLY!!! It's amazing!

I bought this thinking it would be a vape every once in a while juice because I figured it would be too strong. Boy was I wrong. I'm the type of person who likes to constantly change my juice because I get bored easily. I would change flavors every day or two. From the second I put this in my tank, I've used NOTHING else in 3 weeks and that is a huge deal for me. Tastes just like the atomic fireballs from back in the day!

Written by Sylvia

The Only Juice I Vape

I was so glad that you brought this flavor back! This is the only juice that I vape. Perfect flavor and throat hit. I love this, please don't take it away again!

Written by Neal

OMG..It's Back Again!!

Back in 2015, This was my favorite e juice. Then they discontinued it. I was so sad, but now they resurrected it and I'm one happy "Vaporer" now. It tastes like I remember it from years ago. Great. Thank all of the "Tasty Vapor Team" for bringing my favorite back. It's too bad that I just discovered that it was back. If I would of known sooner....

Written by undefined

The Only Juice I Vape

Atomic Cinnacide has ruined me for any other juices. The flavor and the throat hit are perfect for me, no other juice flavor compares!

Written by Jan

New Favorite

Have been using Geoff's Blend and recently tried this one, love it!

Written by Michelle

Just like it used to be

I've been vaping this juice for a long time and I was disappointed when they stopped making it. It's back now and it's just like it used to be and it's even better in a glass tank. I love this juice!

Written by Tim

This juice tho

I remember vaping this way back when it was called Atomic Fireball. If I didnt go through so many atomizer I would have quit smoking a long time ago. If you're new here I highly recommend this! NO SUBOHMERS!

Written by Jess

Hell of a kick

AWESOME! Great cinnamon taste with a sweet kick. If it wasn't for this flavor back in the day i don't know if i would've been able to quit. Great to see its return.