Cafe Mocha

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Flavor:  Cafe Mocha, coffee, chocolate, cafe, drink.

As coffee recipes go, this has to be one of the most favorite among Tasty Vapor customers.  And this recipe dates back to 2010 with only some minor modifications to accommodate high VG users.  Starting with a deep, roasted coffee flavor accompanied by creamy notes and a rich chocolate...This is a nice decadent flavor that always seems to please.  And we're happy to provide! 

Popular Mix Ratios:  This recipe does well with a wide range of VG/PG ratios!  Order away!
Recommended Steeping Time:  5 Days

Product Reviews

Written by Adrian


If you like coffe you will enjoy the flavor of Tasty Vapors mocha ! That's all I vape every day and the best I have found on the market !

Written by undefined

Best cape juice

Best flavor to vape it's all I use !

Written by James Keffer

Great Vape

I fell in love with this Vape. Great flavor. Highly recommenced.

Written by Joseph

Really good stuff!

This is worth trying it is wonderful! It's has a great coffee taste with just the right amount of chocolate! Try this!

Written by Joe

Good, but not as good as Cafe Macchiato

Decided to try this as an alternative to Cafe Macchiato. I ordered it sweetened with 10% VG and all I could taste was the sweetner, bleh. I ordered another bottle unsweetened and mixed it down to 1/2 sweet and it's much better, but I'll be returning to Cafe Macchiato next time.

Written by Suz

Absolute Best

I've been vaping for years now & have tried many other "Cafe Mocha" from other vendors. NONE have ever come close to TV's e-juice. I get it sweetened, nic juice with 20% VG and Dbler @ 60 - 70%.. It is 100% luscious!!!!

Written by R. Davis

Great stuff!

I've tried all sorts of coffee flavors and always come back to this. Mellow, a little sweet and very satisfying.

Written by undefined


Tastes like my favorite coffee. Excellent vape!! Only Tasty vapor has the most wonderful flavors. I vape this all day and still can't get enough!

Written by Mark S.

A must for coffee lovers!

I have tastes many coffee flavors from other vendors and nothing comes close to Tasty Vapors. I never run out of it, I always have it on hand. It doesn't have that burnt taste that you get with other vendors. This is a must for any coffee lover!

Written by Cross


This has been my daily driver for quite some time now. The flavor is exactly as you would think. I use a 50/50 blend with a Zenesis Mechanical using a Stainless Steel Week (500 thread). Great flavor and vapor production.

Written by Hailey


This has been my go to vape since 2010. It is a rich coffee with a hint of mocha chocolate. It is a great tobacco substitute for those that are trying to give up the cigs. As much as I love an occasional dessert vape, Cafe Mocha is my all day vape. I never get tired of it and does not clog carto's like some of the other vendors coffee flavors.

Written by Licia

Coffee & Chocolate-Yes!

This has a robust coffee flavor with an underlying chocolate flavor. It's great anytime! It's my second favorite-try it and see for yourself!