Frosted Oatmeal Cookie

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Flavor:  Frosted Oatmeal Cookie, cookie, bakery, frosting

Hands down, one of Tasty Vapor's best selling recipes ever.  In fact, we've turned down quite a few offers to sell this recipe.  It's THAT good!  And with "FOC", you'll get that crisp oatmeal cookie flavor with the unmistakable flavor of spice notes and icing on top.  Whether vaping at low wattage or high wattage, this recipe translates beautifully no matter what equipment you use it on.  It's FABULOUS on a dripper too if you're one of those that still does builds.  What a better way to celebrate not smoking, than enjoying the flavor of cookies instead of burnt garbage!

Popular Mix Ratios:  10%VG - 70% VG

Recommended Steeping Time:  1 Day

Product Reviews

Written by Jon

Frosted oatmeal cookie

I love this flavor and yes it cost more than other juice companies but hey it’s sooo good. Try it !

Written by MP

Frosted Oatmeal Cookie

Best. Juice. Ever.

Written by Mark S.

Dis da bomb!

This is one of my all time faves! Taste spot on.

Written by Sherri


This is more of a general review. I have been vaping for over five years. I have tried many juices from many shops. You are THE BEST. I have had Ultimate Vanilla, Pina Colada, and Frosted Oatmeal Cookie. Each one of these exceeds their description. I wil definitely try other flavors. Thank you!

Written by Shannon W.

Just one specific change

So I gave this item 5 stars judging off of my previous experience with it. I used to get this juice from my vape shop and it was the absolute BEST flavor that I've EVER had. It tastes like you literally have a cookie in your mouth! So when my shop stopped carrying it I searched it out until I found it available online here. I've only made one purchase so far, unfortunately it wasn't quite the same since at the time I wasn't sure on some of the options like vg% and sweetener, which now that I finally found an old bottle I realized I didn't quite order it correctly, but the next one should be the perfect kind like I used to get! (60% VG, and YES sweetener) Now I'm super excited, I can't wait to be vaping frosted oatmeal cookies again in no time!

Written by Bree D.

Best Juice Ever!!!

Duuuuuude.. this frosted oatmeal cookie juice is where its at!! I order this everytime I place a order with TV.. if you haven't tried it.. do!

Written by PHIPS


My father visited while I was vaping and thought I was baking cookies!!!!!! The flavor is true to the name. Nice and smooth it's my everyday!!!!!!!!

Written by undefined

Fantastic true name-to-flavor!

Wasn’t entirely sure what to expect with this one. However, I am a huge oatmeal cookie fan. I usually like to keep some 3mg and some 9mg juices...I got this in a 9, 60/40, and half sweetness added. The frosted cookie flavor was absolutely phenomenal. Hands down one of my favorite flavors...I blew through it in about a week. It was a little lacking on the oatmeal flavor but that could be due to the added sweetness

Written by Giambattista

I keep coming back for more

This juice is probably hands down the best juice I’ve ever had. Everyone in my family loves it. I can’t even count how many times I’ve bought it.

Written by Damon

My new ADV!

For many many years now, Geoff's Blend was my ADV. I still love it very very much. However, I decided to explore more liquids that T.V. offers. When I first tried Frosted Oatmeal Cookie, I fell in love. So much that even though I truly love Geoff's Blend, I now vape Frosted Oatmeal Cookie all day. It's truly remarkable and literally tastes exactly like the name. I had doubts at first, but my very first vape of it made me a true believer and I haven't stopped since. You will not find anything from anywhere else that even comes close. My unwavering gratitude to T.V. for bringing this vaping marvel into the world. It tastes so much better with it and I cannot stress enough just how good it really is. I highly recommend choosing the sweetener option if you haven't already and if you want the full experience of this majestic flavor. I also highly recommend using clapton coil atomizers to avoid any problems if you do choose the sweetening option as they handle it much better and will save you a lot of $ in the long run when vaping sweetened liquids. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and order your very own magic in a bottle. Frosted Oatmeal Cookie. The best of the best!

Written by Connie


I never write reviews and I'm very picky about my ejuice flavor. I find something I like and I stay with it. However, I just tried my first tank-full of this flavor and I'm in love! The name describes it perfectly. I ordered it sweetened and it's perfect. This is my new favorite and I'll be ordering it many, many more times in the future.

Written by Vape FM

One of the best

I've been vaping for 3+ years and I've become very picky. This juice is absolutely top notch. I found it while on vacation in New Hampshire and I am an immediate convert. The taste is spot on, the aftertaste is just like you ate a delicious warm oatmeal cookie. Nicely done guys.