Lemon Poundcake

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Flavor:  Lemon Poundcake, lemon, cake, bakery, dessert.

What started off as a Lemon Meringue Pie recipe, ended up tasting more like lemon cake.  Perfectly fine.  We did a few more tweaks to the recipe and voila!  Lemon Poundcake!  Rich, buttery poundcake flavor, complimented with zesty lemon flavor.  This is such a rich and decadent recipe and loved by so many.  This is certainly one you can enjoy without the fear of adding inches to your waist.  Vape all you want, we'll make more!  Cheers!

Popular Mix Ratios:  10%VG - 70% VG

Recommended Steeping Time:  2 Days

Product Reviews

Written by Lisa

Lemon Pound Cake

I never right reviews but I needed to express my opinion of this awesome juice. People who check ratings before purchasing (thats me too!!!) If you love lemon this juice is made for you. When I first ordered the juice I was skeptical. Way to many times that I have purchased anything citrusy and been very disappointed, they never had the right punch to keep me interested and the bottles will sit with my other juices until after 6 months I ditch them. When I received the lemon pound cake I put a new coil in my tank and juiced it up. Oh my God!!! Vaping this juice was almost like smoking lemonade, or exceptional pound cake. I have three mods that I use all of the time. One is always dedicated to the Lemon Pound Cake. I have to watch myself that I don't chain vape with the lemon and I'm all niced out and my juice is only 3mg! I highly recommend this flavor it is extraordinary. A big Hell Yeah, Tasty Vapor has another hit on their hands. Another time I will tell the story of my frequently ordering juices for over 4 years. When I started ordering the bottles had a hand written label on the bottle and you could control all kinds of things. I am a huge fan of Tasty Vapors.

Written by Giambattista

I was wrong about this one

I’ll admit I didn’t think the pound cake would come through, but I was completely wrong. This juice ended up being one of my favs

Written by undefined

Never thought I'd write a review

I never thought I'd take the time to write a review on an E-juice. Most or just OK....but.....this is THE BEST I've ever had! Did I say absolutely the best flavor I've ever vaped! YEAH !!!

Written by Mojica

I wasn't prepared for this.

It's exact. Pig out exact. Makes you sit around and blow off your 'to do' list, so you can just vape.

Written by undefined

Consistent Deliciousness

I've been getting a 120ml a month for 9 months now. Any questions?

Written by Rebecca Williams

Great flavor

This is so true to form , great flavor just like a lemon pound cake

Written by Rod


I can't order enough of this!! Its absolutely amazing! It's my all time favorite! Everyday favorite!! Try it; you'll be astounded!

Written by Binkley

Necessity is an adventure!

Ok so here I go! I was in Oakland for a music festival and for got to lock one of my mods; needless to say "pocket fire/backpack fire" so I looked up Vape Shops in Oak. I found Tasty Vapor. I didn't have anything to re-wick my mod so I went there and and asked the gentleman at the counter if they would re-wick it for me? He said sure he did three for me for I think $6? But whilst he was doing my atty's(he also cleaned my coils) they have these cool as heck "Vape Amps"<see website! so of course I'm trying their flavors I tried most of them but Rainbow loops and Lemon poundcake really hit my happy spot; I bought 2 30ml's 1 ea. Anyhow I went through the loops in two days, went online and bought more 60ml(now all gone) gonna get some more! I also bought their Lemon poundcake it is so freaking awesome went through that in about a week! So I bought a 60ml also almost gone; I can't say enough about Tasty Vapors Flavors and service, flavors are exceptional and spot on to name and taste! I'm hooked, when my loops are gone I'm going to go big on my order because I can't get enough of their juice(literally) best dripping juice I have found in a very long time! They also custom make it for your likes vg/pg. Swetener & Nicotine its up to you, mix flavors make your on complex tastes! They are truly a diamond in the rough. It's awesome that there is a company(family) that's this dedicated to customer satisfaction! All I can say is try them all of them, I'm so impressed by them I'm telling everyone"GO THERE or ONLINE" you'll not be disappointed! Sorry I'm so long winded but these people are awesome and so is their staff and product! 5mfn stars!

Written by Chelsey

Curbs my sweet tooth

This tastes like lemon poundcake and satisfies my sweet tooth cravings lol. Tasty vapor makes the best flavors hands down. Definitley a flavor I keep on hand.

Written by Brian F

This lemon poundcake nails it!

The lemon poundcake is fantastic. It's a favorite flavor of mine from Tasty Vapor or from anywhere. Lemon is a tough flavor (so is strawberry) for people to get right for me. Too often, lemon-flavored vapes make me feel like I'm vaping lemon fresh Pledge furniture polish or a bathroom cleanser. Not true with this lemon. I love lemon cake. It's light, lemony and sweet exactly like this delicious vape. I order a lot of liquid from a lot of different companies. Often I find one or two favorites from a vendor that I like and that's why I order from 7-8 different vendors regularly. This lemon poundcake (and the Tasty Vapor's Frosted Oatmeal Cookie) is one of those flavors. Also ordered another favorite (Banana Nut Bread) in my most recent shipment and look forward to giving it a try soon.

Written by Jimmy Michaels

Pretty good juice

I purchased Lemon Poundcake at 3 mg of nic and 70% VG Extra sweetener BOD: 7/22/15 Vaped at 33 watts with a 0.5 coil I let this juice steep for about 2 weeks before trying , as I do all of my handcrafted liquids. There was nice vapor production with the poundcake taste throughout inhale and exhale. On some hits, I got a good lemony exhale with others being more subtle. I've tried many lemon vapes with most tasting like Pledge. This is a good lemon flavor. I only wish it were a little stronger. All in all, I really like this juice, would recommend it, and will buy again.

Written by A. Bucko

Instant Classic

Came in the mail. Opened, dripped and took a puff. ... took another puff. Then another. And another. I'm now ditching the local vape shop and only buying this magnificent flavor.