Banana Nut Bread

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Flavor:  Banana Nut Bread, banana, cake, bakery

This is hands-down one of Tasty Vapor's oldest recipes.  Originally designed when cartomizers and ego batteries were the kings in the vaping world.  Yes, it's THAT old! Our Banana Nut Bread recipe has everything, the flavor of ripe banana, cake, walnuts and all of the spice's all there.  Whether you're enjoying this liquid with a cup of coffee or at a night club, it's a great flavor break to take.  Give it a try and see what has kept this recipe selling for a decade!  

Popular Mix Ratios:  Given equipment standards, this flavor is best at at 50%/50% mix ratio
Recommended Steeping Time: 5 Days

Product Reviews

Written by George

Delicious and Smooth

Tastes Just like banana nut bread, and goes down smoother than water, literally i think its harder to drink water, i use it in my sub-ohm vape mod and i can puff until i get light headed (unintentionally of course) but damn is it good, will be ordering this again.

Written by Bonnie

Awesome Flavor

I've been forever on the hunt for a good banana flavored vape. I've tried several other banana nut bread ones and keep being disappointed. I finally found what I've been searching for! This juice actually tastes like banana nut bread!! Love, love, love it!

Written by Devan West

Best Banana Nut Bread Liquid On The Market!

I've been in search of the best liquids out there and i came across this liquid 2 years ago. To this day, I have never experienced a more rich and fulfilling flavor in my life of vaping. Ive tried banana nut bread liquids from over 30 different companies ever since gauging and comparing the quality of the flavor and vape production... and NONE have come remotely close to this blend designed by the god of mixing, Geoff. I have even tried to replicate it with my mediocre knowledge of culinary arts ( secondary passion of mine ) using lorann, flavor west, and other flavor companies... it can get it to be good and even better than all the other banana nut bread liquids out there but still pales in comparison to Geoff's perfect blend. I swear to all of you, If you love true flavor that literally makes your mouth water as if you are eating the real thing, if you are dying to find the best desert flavor liquids imaginable, and if you want to find a liquid that you will forever remember and continuously buy... Try this... Its a vaping experience you could never imagine possible.

Written by Simply Red

I think I ruined it

I had sweetener added. Probably shouldn't have done that. :/ Kinda drowns out the flavor so, because of "my bad", I'll give it 4 stars until I order it without sweetener