Caramel Popcorn

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Remember those huge tins of caramel popcorn that seem to float around during the holidays? We’ve captured that in a bottle. A first choice of many, and likely yours too.

Disclaimer: The flavor is best enjoyed at 50% VG max. Any additional VG levels will alter the flavor significantly.

Recommended Steeping Time:  3 Days

Product Reviews

Written by David Kendrick on 9th Jul 2018

Great Juice!

I am never disappointed and of course this flavor is no exception. I love it.

Written by stanglifemike on 27th Dec 2017

Best caramel popcorn I've vaped!!!

I wasn't sure how this would be, as this is a difficult flavor to pull off. Kernel Liquids absolutely nailed it!! I've tried multiple caramel popcorn liquid from different manufacturers, and this one is the best buy far! It's even better than you could imagine. This is now one of my favorite liquids!!

Written by Kevin Burns on 22nd Oct 2017


I don't know if these guys allow negative reviews, but I hope others can see this. This juice tastes like old antifreeze from a 70's era pickup truck. Don't buy!!

Written by Kary on 23rd Aug 2017

Love this flavour!

OMG I love this flavour is so sweet which I love and I can taste the popcorn! I highly recommend this to anyone who loves sweets like me!

Written by Nick on 10th Apr 2017


Its a great, flavorful vape... its not something I want all the time though.. but a great taste when I do.

Written by June on 7th Nov 2016

Absolutely Love

I was nervous ording on line.Absolutely loved it.My Hubby tried and couldn't get Enough!!

Written by undefined on 19th Mar 2016


Simply my favorite.

Written by BuJasSim on 16th Feb 2016

Delicious Flavor

the best company that worked for a pop corn flavor is very delicious

Written by Amy on 1st Oct 2015

Finally a good vapor

I have a sweet tooth and have tried many flavors from many companies. I tried this one and WOW.... FABULOUS! They really know how to me a flavor that doesn't taste like chemical. This is the real deal and placing an order is so easy and when I talk to someone there, ALWAYS friendly and helpful! You have won my business!!!

Written by undefined on 28th Aug 2015

Carmel popcorn

Tasty vapor is the only site I can order this flavor that is spot on. I use to order from Mrs T's Bakery but it takes weeks or months to get your order. Don't waste your time with others as tasty vapor is the best by far and I have been vapeing for 5 years and am totally satisfied with the products and service. Keep up the good work.

Written by Daniel M on 29th Apr 2015

My new fav

I ordered this as part of my 15ml 4 pack order and i was blown away of the taste. Totally loved it ! I ordered a 30ml right away because i know this 15ml bottle will not last very long. To me it will be my all day vape flavor. Until i get tired of it. After taste is very minimal which to me is very important. I dislike strong after tastes when it comes to vaping. Good job with the flavor TV !

Written by undefined on 3rd Feb 2015


Have ordered this flavor for approx four years. Most of the time is great. Recently recieved large order and It tastes nothing like past purchases. Per tasty vapor mix team, Im to send the fluid back on my dime and they will confirm and send me an extra bottle for my troubles. Bottles on the way back to Ca.