Cheesecake (Nicotine Liquid)

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**For use in electronic cigarettes and not meant for consumption/ingestion**

Cheesecake (customizeable), creamy, bakery, optional flavorings

This is always a popular selection with our customers.  We start off with an wonderfully enhanced cheesecake recipe from the baked cheesecake flavor, all the way to the unmistakable graham cracker crust!  While you can order this plain, why stop there?  We give you the option of including two additional flavorings.  If you want a banana/caramel cheesecake, CAN DO!  If you want a chocolate/pecan cheesecake, we can do that too!  We invite you to be creative with your vaping experience!

Popular Mix Ratios:  Customers DO order this with higher ranges of VG, but we recommend these liquids in a 50% VG and lower ratio.
Recommended Steeping Time:  5 Days

Product Reviews

Written by Dr. Yomajesty

Great Cheesecake

The cheesecake component is great. I don't notice graham cracker. It's more the cream cheese and other filling stuff. I got it with caramel and cherry. The cherry doesn't mix well with it. Reminds me of McDonald's "fruit" pies. If I order this again, it'll be blueberry instead. Strawberry might go well with it, too.

Written by Deez Nutz

Boo berry Cheesecake!!

was looking for a new all day vape and this foots the bill. The blueberry is perfect. Its not a fresh blueberry or a candy flavor, took me a second to put my finger on it and bam... you all remember Boo Berry cereal? Thats the flavor. It works well with the cheesecake because its not too sweet and its not too subtle, it right in that Goldy Locks Zone... just right.

Written by undefined


Yum yum yum

Written by JB


I ordered a mix of vanilla and coconut for my cheesecake and it was awesome! This is my second bottle of this flavor. The first time I didn't add any sweetener and the second time I went half. Would definitely recommend adding at least a bit of sweetener. Great flavor!

Written by Bravesfan

Crazy good!

This is the best cheesecake vape I have ever tried. I usually get it with blueberry because TV's blueberry is so exceptionally good but tried pineapple this time. It is fantastic! If you haven't tried this one you should. It's rich, creamy and great right out of the box!