Cough Drop

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It is as it says. And it’s more than just a flavor; it will also help clear congestion! Available in Peppermint, Grape, Cherry, and a number of other flavors. Choose your favorite single flavor.

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Written by undefined on 26th Jul 2017

Love it!

This is just wonderful. I actually feel like I'm smoking but without the tar and other crap in cigarettes. I don't notice a smell--and I never thought there was any smell--but my mom insists that it has a skunky smell. But goes away immediately. My house does not smell and she could be being over dramatic. I'll continue to purchase and I hope they send me samples to try.

Written by undefined on 17th Jan 2017

Great when sick

This juice right here is the best vape if your throat hurts easy to inhale nice menthol cooling effect.

Written by David on 31st Aug 2015

Cough drop Lemon

Another winner from TV. Really refreshing and great taste. Love the lemon flavors from TV. Nice cooling Eucalyptus effect on throat & nose. I bet the Peppermint will be awesome as well.

Written by Dan on 30th Jan 2015


Yep its cough drop lol. I got grape and wow is all I can say. I've not steeped it yet, vaping straight away the menthol chills the mouth and sinuses just like a cough drop. The grape is a bit subtle, but definitely there. Steeping will bring out the grape though. All in all I like it. Very good if your all day vape goes bland, you will taste this for sure!

Written by undefined on 14th Jan 2015

Never fails to please

This is my man's full time vape. He has no sense of smell and he likes to feel his vape, and this doesn't fail to deliver. I've sampled them, he's tried plain, cherry, and peppermint. Cherry was the weakest, but still strong. Reminds me of halls cough drops. Very good vape if you want something strong.

Written by GMAN on 14th Dec 2014


This was included as a free liquid when I ordered a bunch of stuff. I think the Tasty team knew I was going to get a cold. I've been using it to help clear my nose and it tastes good too ,Raspberry. Thanks guys.